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2017 Annual District Assembly

2017 Annual District Assembly

The 2017 District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons Spain held its Annual District Meeting at the hotel Gran Bali, Benidorm over the two days of the 3rd and 4th of February 2017.


The festivities started even earlier on the 2nd of February with the Consecration of a new RAM Lodge for the Canary Island to be known as Harmony RAM Lodge no.1860.  The Consecration Ceremony was conducted by RW.Bro. Barry Roy Mansell, the District Grand Master.


On the Friday 3rd of February the local District Team worked hard to prepare the large meeting hall for holding the District Meeting.  That evening, to get the proceedings in the main hall started and to entertain the Brethren that could arrive on the Friday there was a demonstration of an 1810 Advancement Ceremony conducted by the Warwickshire Ancient Ritual Demonstration Team.  This was hosted by Torrevieja Mark Lodge No.1745, one of our District Mark Lodges on behalf of District Grand Lodge.


The demonstration commenced at 5pm and was followed by a welcome drink and canape reception hosted by the District Grand Master RW. Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell to which all attendees and visitors together with their ladies were invited.


The Demonstration Team delighted the attending Brethren with an informative and at times humorous demonstration, delivered in period costume and the District send a large vote of thanks to the team from Warwichshire for their support to our event both at this demonstration as well as the formal Annual District Meeting the following day.


On the Saturday, the proceedings began at 11:00am with the formal procession-in of the many dignitaries.  The District Grand Lodge was then Opened by the District Grand Master and the proceedings included;

·         Reception of a Delegation from the Royal Ark Mariner Lodges of the District

·         Salutations to the Districts Grand Master and Distinguished Brethren

·         Confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual District Meeting

·         Honouring the memory of those Brethren who passed to the Grand Lodge above

·         A warm welcome to the visiting Brethren

·         A roll-call of the attending Lodges of the District

·         The presentation and approval of the Accounts for the year ending 31st August 2016

·         Elections of

o   District Grand Treasurer

o   Two Account Examiners

o   Election of the General Purposes Committee

·         District Grand Charity Steward Presentation

·         District Grand Almoner Presentation

·         Re-appointment of the Deputy and Assistant Grand Masters

·         Investing of District Grand Officers and District Royal Ark Mariner Grand Ranks

·         Recognition of those Brethren who Advanced to the Mark Degree and those who Elevated into Royal Ark Mariners during 2016

·         A ceremony to pass-on the Travelling Keystone to continue its journey around the District

·         Address by the District Grand Master

·         Alms were collected


Following the Closing of the District Grand Lodge, 195 Brethren dined at a fine Festive Board with Loyal Toasts and Toasts to Distinguished Brethren and the Visitors.


Whilst the Brethren enjoyed the Assembly and Festive Board the Ladies enjoyed a visit to a local chocolate factory followed by a further local attraction and then lunch at a local Restaurant.

Further articles can be found covering some of the events in more detail and any questions or requests for details can be directed to the District Grand Secretary, W.Bro. Terry Porter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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